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Choicest Meal Co., launched 'Thank you low-sugar Hot Chicken Spicy Sauce' using allulose

이데일리 ㅣ 작성자 : 운영팀


Choicest Meal Co., has launched 'Thank you low-sugar Hot Chicken Spicy Sauce', a new product with reduced sugar developed to target the low-sugar sauce market, and sold it online such as Coupang and Naver Smart Store.

announced on the 27th.

'Thank you low-sugar Hot Chicken Spicy Sauce'
is characterized by using allulose, which has a sweet component derived from fruits such as grapes and figs, as an alternative sweetener to replace sugar.

Allulose is known to have a sweet taste similar to sugar but low calories, and through this, the sugar content is about 2g per 100g, about 1/10 of that of similar products.

In addition, carefully selected raw materials such as domestic soy sauce, garlic, and chicken stock were used.
Choicest Meal Co., (CEO Hyun-jun Chi) said, “This new product, Thank you low-sugar Hot Chicken Spicy Sauce
We will continue to introduce low-sugar products using healthy raw materials.”

On the other hand, Special Taste Co., Ltd. is introducing low-sugar gochujang 'Thankyou gochujang', which has been certified by the international certification agency SUGAR WISE for the first time in Korea, and sauces and sauces with reduced sugar. Two patents have been registered for the method of manufacturing gochujang using domestic sugar-coated red pepper powder.

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