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'Thank you Low-sugar Gochujang' Korea's first SUGARWISE gochujang certification

서울경제 ㅣ 작성자 : 운영팀


Choicest Meal Co., Ltd. (CEO Hyun-Jun Chi) received low sugar, no added sugar, and reduced sugar certification from SUGARWISE, an international certification agency for sugar in food and beverages.

‘Thankyou gochujang’ is the first in Korea to receive such certification for gochujang products.

In addition, Choicest Meal Co., Ltd. The event is also held on the official Instagram.

According to Choicest Meal Co., Ltd., traditional gochujang is fermented by adding grain syrup and malt made from rice, wheat, barley, etc. to create a mild sweetness. , 'Thankyou gochujang' uses allulose, a well-known sweetener instead of sugar, to give it a sweet taste.

Allulose has a sweet component derived from fruits such as grapes and figs, so it has a sweet taste similar to that of sugar, but is low in calories. Therefore, Choicest Meal Co., Ltd. said that it is suitable for those who are looking for diabetic red pepper paste and Keto red pepper paste. side's explanation.

Among the raw materials used together, Dangcho red pepper powder is a new breed of red pepper developed jointly by the Rural Development Administration, Kangwon National University, and Jeil Jongmyo Agricultural Products, and contains an alpha glucosidase inhibitor (AGI) component. The name 'Tang Zhao' was created with the meaning of 'regulating the sugar'.

Choicest Meal Co., registered two patents on the method of manufacturing gochujang using sugar-coated red pepper powder to make gochujang that balances the taste and nutrition of gochujang. We are researching and developing various sources.

An official from Choicest Meal Co. said, “It is more meaningful to be certified by SUGARWISE for Gochujang products for the first time in Korea.”

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