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Choicest Meal Co., 'RaLa Nut Dressing Sauce' vegan certification

서울경제 ㅣ 작성자 : 운영팀


Choicest Meal Co., Ltd. (CEO Hyun-Jun Chi) revealed that the ‘Lara Nut Dressing Sauce’, which contains about 500mg of the essential amino acid lysine, received vegan certification from the Vegan Standards Certification Authority on the 9th.

‘Rala Sauce’, which has obtained Korean vegan certification, contains about 500 mg of this lysine per 100 g. This is about 25% of the recommended daily intake of lysine for adults.

Rala Sauce is a product developed by the Korea Agricultural Technology Promotion Agency's agricultural commercialization technology R&D support project, and is a product produced by Choicest Meal with the transfer of the patented technology developed by the Rural Development Administration. It is rich in lactic acid bacteria and probiotics as it uses fermented rice using native lactic acid bacteria extracted from soybean paste as a raw material.

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