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Cooking fairy lee's sauce story

여성조선 ㅣ 작성자 : 운영팀


Homemade food should be easy and delicious!

In our busy modern society, ironically, home-cooked meals are back in vogue. The same goes for honbap (eating alone). For the health of your family or for cost performance... . Although the reasons are different, there is no doubt that home-cooked meals are the trend.

“It takes a day or two to buy food, and it is impossible to prepare every meal at home, so what do you need? I think we need a secret weapon that can be easily made. But you can't eat anything. Wouldn't it be great if you could pick both flavor and convenience by choosing carefully? That is why I like and research various sources.”

Most of his classes, which are famous for their easy and simple home-cooked menus, are mostly singles living alone or housewives with children. Most of the students' reviews say that the side dish know-how learned from him has reduced the stress of worrying about side dishes.

“Cooking should be easy. In particular, I think that using family as data is labor only for people, and if it becomes a tedious task, it will disappear to become a table that protects all family members. With that thought in mind, I am interested in various all-round sources. So please let me develop the product as well.”
It is his philosophy that both the person who makes a really delicious steamed rice cake and the person who likes it should be cool and squishy.


SOBOKO Korean Beef Stir-Fried Gochujang Original

“It is cumbersome to make it yourself, and one of the things that makes it difficult to choose a safe product is like ‘Beef Stir-Fried Gochujang’. Soboko is a product that I first met in the market and confirmed how carefully the producers make it, so I have been using it steadily until now. In fact, with just one of these, a bowl of rice is just right. I made it into rice balls.” 250ml 14,000 won

Beef Stir-fried Gochujang Rice Balls
Ingredients 2 bowls of rice, 3 tablespoons of stir-fried red pepper paste, 80g of ham, 50g of nutritious chives, an appropriate amount of toasted seaweed, a little bit of sesame oil

to make
1 Finely chop the ham and fry lightly in a pan. Wash the nutritious leek and chop it finely. Cut the seaweed into 1 cm thick slices.
2 Add stir-fried red pepper paste, roasted ham, chopped chives, and sesame oil to rice and mix well.
3 Form ② into an easy-to-eat size, make rice balls, and cover the center with cut seaweed.

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