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​특별한맛 주식회사, 여주시자원봉사센터 나눔물결사업 기부

데일리경제 ㅣ 작성자 : 이지연 기자



Choicest Meal Co., Ltd. (CEO Hyeon-jun Chi) announced on the 9th that it had donated low-sugar red pepper paste and Thankyou red pepper paste through the Yeoju City Volunteer Center (Center Director Kwon Jae-yoon) and agreed to continue sharing activities in the future.

At the delivery ceremony held at the Volunteer Center in Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 2nd, products for the elderly living alone and the vulnerable were donated with center director Kwon Jae-yoon and director Bong A-reum in attendance. The delivered products are delivered to 164 vulnerable households and 60 volunteer groups in the city through the ‘sharing side dish sharing project’.

Choicest Meal Co., Ltd., which researches and develops various sauces based on pastes as an agri-food venture fostering company of the Agricultural Technology Commercialization Foundation, has obtained a patent for a method of manufacturing gochujang using sugar-coated red pepper powder to make gochujang that balances the taste and nutrition of gochujang. Acquired.

Choicest Meal Co., Ltd. plans to use some of the proceeds from the Thankdang Red Pepper Paste for a diabetes awareness campaign.

CEO  Hyun-jun, Chi said, “I am happy to be able to share Thanksgiving red pepper paste with reduced sugar and carbohydrates where needed, and I plan to donate regularly in the future.”


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